Achieve Maximum ROI For Branding Through Railway Advertising

In the Modern Market with the advancement of advertising concepts, Train Branding is the most effective media for advertisement. There are lot of technology & media available for Train advertising. Let’s learn To Archive Maximum ROI For Brand Awareness Through Railway Advertising, you would go through the information below:

Boost ROI of an Advertising Campaign

Rail advertising has always been a prominent outdoor advertising medium, and its importance and relevance are only increasing with the advent of new technologies. You may be surprised that Indian Railways serves 30 million people nationwide every day now that various modes of transportation such as taxis, subways, buses, and private cars are the preferred means of transportation. People use rail transport for both long and short distances.

According to a survey of Indian rail travellers, 83% use rail for short trips. Rail travellers’ diverse target group profiles help advertisers design personalized communication messages and effectively connect them with their brands.

Rail Passenger Target Group Profile

  • More than 85% of travellers own and use smartphones
  • Middle-income travellers looking for ways to improve their standard of living.
  • attracted to messages related to education, automobiles, e-commerce, banking, real estate, and financial investment.
  • Access digital media for information
  • The majority of travellers are in the 20 – 45 age group.

10 Advantages of Train Advertising in India

  1. Wide range and a high presence.
  2. Deliver brand messages to a target audience that spans the entire train route.
  3. Very good use of your time spent at the station and travel time to the destination to convey your brand message to your target group.
  4. When passengers are seated and begin their journey to their destination, they feel relaxed and cheerful, helping the brand convey its brand message more effectively.
  5. It covers the majority of a city; as a result, the ad will be more effective.
  6. When the train arrives at the station, it attracts the attention of the passengers.
  7. It is cost-effective because it covers all of a state’s major stations.
  8. Because it is an eye-catching concept, it effortlessly attracts audiences.
  9. Because the Train is larger, we can deliver a larger message.
  10. We may provide our advertisers with a fresh design.

 Different Ways to Attract Target Groups through Railway Advertising

  1. Platform banners & hoardings.
  2. Product sample distribution and live demos on trains and on platforms.
  3. Kiosk
  4. It will be displayed at the entrance and exit of the station.
  5. Train Wrap Advertising / Full Exterior Train Branding
  6. Radio announcements on the platform
  7. LED panel and digital screen

Indian railway advertising is very effective because it tries to attract the attention of the viewer on the move. Train ads cover a wide range of routes and destinations, reaching both urban and rural audiences in the country.

Large displays like railroad ads and brightly colored railroad ads quickly catch the attention of viewers and build a long-lasting brand image in their brains.

Kanpur Central Railway Station, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India

 Interesting Data & Facts about Kanpur Central Railway Station

Some interesting data & facts about Kanpur Central to advertise your brand are listed below:

  • It is the busiest railway station in India in terms of passengers, with more than 6 lacs of passengers passed daily.
  • It is the second busiest station in India in terms of train frequency, with about 600 trains passing daily.
  • Among one of the 5 Central railway stations in India.
  • Over 1580 stations are directly connected.
  • The number of connections to a single station is the highest in India
  • VIP trains (Vande Bharat, Tejas Express, Rajdhani, Shatabdi) pass through Kanpur Central Railway Station.


Branding Media Options at Kanpur Central Railway Stations

Branding Media Options at Kanpur Central Railway Stations

  1. Train Information Digital Board (10 liners and 5 liners)
  2. LED Flange Display (Double-Sided)
  3. Plasma TV Screen (88 inches)
  4. 32 inch LED T.V. Split Screen (Double-Sided)
  5. Entry & Exit Gate Branding
  6. Parking Area Advertising
  7. Railway Overhead Water Tank Branding
  8. Full Train Wrapping (Rail-coach)

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