5 Most Popular Ways of Link Building

5 Most Popular Ways of Link Building: Links are your Assets. When we get a backlink, it means we get a referral from another website. This is very different from “outbound” or outgoing links on your page.

So don’t confuse between incoming and outgoing links. Inbound link is simply your asset, it is very important to determine the popularity of your website for search engines like Google and Bing.

Backlinks Are Important For Website Ranking

Yes, it is 100% certain that a website cannot rank without incoming links.

Let’s check, why is link building important?

  • Backlinks are the No. 1 ranking factor of Google
  • Backlinks are reputation
  • Backlinks point to unique content that deserves a good ranking
  • Backlinks beat credibility
  • Backlinks build trust
  • Google has confirmed it’s not easy, to rank well a website without backlinks
  • With the help of backlinks, Google can find your website.

Acquire Quality Links

­­­­­Strive for Quality Backlinks

Google announced that it is cracking down to penalize those sites you buy links from. Therefore, try to avoid link farms or buying links from unauthorized websites as they will only do more harm than good.

Note, it does not matter the number of links you have, the quality of those links matters that you have. It is important to make sure your links appear natural. They do not look like they have been paid for. That is why you must have something of quality to offer others so they will link to your site and increase your search engine rankings.

5 Tips To Achieve High-Quality Backlinks

We have already reviewed what is link building & backlinks in SEO. Therefore, it is important to know how to get quality backlinks. Perhaps these methods take time and then even more time to improve your website’s position in the SERPs.

This won’t happen overnight. But these constant methods are proven and ethical to improve your backlink profile as part of an overall SEO strategy.

Tip 1: Review your current backlink profile

First, you ought to evaluate your domain’s modern-day inbound link profile.

You could test them on Ahrefs- It is an industry-general tool that gives a wealth of information, however, there are different systems additionally that will help you take a look at your site’s hyperlink profile and domain authority. You also can test Majestic, Moz, Small search engine optimization Tools, and more.

Start to maintain a datasheet or a spreadsheet, to document your site’s present-day hyperlink profile. You will want this to tune development through the years and your paintings to your inbound links profile.

With the assistance of this document, you could effortlessly tune what number of hyperlinks do you have? What websites are they from? Check their rank and domain authority. Test what content material is attracting hyperlinks, and might you capitalize on the one’s keywords?

Tip 2: Add long-form content to your website

You must have a reason why other websites link to your posts. So, your post should be relevant, authoritative, engaging, and unique. Thus, it may be the backdrop of all inbound linking activities. Check through your current website and create a list of your popular content and keyword phrases that bring in the highest traffic levels. You will use these as a spring board for your backlink development efforts.

Tip 3: Make a list of top posts and keywords

If we talk about long-form content, roughly defined as content over 1,000 words, attracts backlinks. The average Google first page search result contained 1900 words. Check for good content on your own website now that can be expanded into online guides or longer pieces of information. Add images to your content, too. Pages that have infographics or relevant images have ranked well.

Tip 4: Create a list of websites that you would like to link to your website

Start a guest posting effort. Basically, Guest posts allow you to add natural backlinks to your website from a wide range of sites. You just pitch an original topic to a webmaster, and if he likes it, you submit your post. In exchange for that, the webmaster links to your website.

It is a time taking process to develop content for other sites, so pace yourself or hire a content writer to create guest posts for you. Don’t reuse the existing content or duplicate content; that can hurt both your SEO efforts and the site you are pitching.

Use your folder and spreadsheet to develop a list of websites that you’d ideally like to link to your site. Find the contact information for the website owner or contact details, and add that to your spreadsheet.

Tip 5: Always Pitch your best content to websites

You can also obtain backlinks via email to the website owner. You can target the website list with a pitch to link your content. If the content is good and relevant enough to their sites’ target audience, they may consider your request. Provide them with anchor keyword phrases you’d like to have linked to your site, and be patient. They may take weeks to respond.

Final Thoughts

We realize this doesn’t sound like a stroll withinside the park, however, fortuitously there is an automated tool like Link Alerts that allows you to live on track. This tool will inform you when new links are built. This lets you to react fast in case of undesirable new backlinks, and therefore keep away from common search engine optimization (SEO) strategies like negative SEO attacks.

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