Railway Station Advertising

Railway Media Advertising


Advertising at Railway Station is a unique way where brands can achieve very high visibility in a considerably short time. Railway Stations are most of the busiest places to provide an opportunity to reach out to a large mass of people. Railway advertising can be done on any railway station across the nation according to the brand’s requirements. It can effectively target both classes and Masses.

Why Railway Advertising is an Effective and Economic Mode:

  • Advertising in specific physical locations can be a tough task as unlike other mediums like digital advertising, radio or newspapers, these ads do not follow where the viewer goes. Instead, they have to be carefully set up in areas where the public follows these ads. There are various criteria that have to be considered while putting up these ads. One of the most important criteria is the footfall that a particular location experiences at different times across the day. The higher the footfall, the greater would be the reach. Railway Station is one such location that has a very high footfall with people from different places traveling from one place to another, thus, advertising on railway stations would give any brand a great reach.
  • Other than the footfall, another factor that has to be considered when it comes to such mediums is the number of hours and timings throughout the day when ads have visibility. With most mediums, ads do not have a high reach at all times. In fact, there are very few places that are active throughout the day 24×7. Railway stations are one of these rare locations that are active throughout the day and have high footfall even at odd times. Thus, advertising on railway stations gives the brand visibility throughout the day, unlike most mediums which are restricted by time.
  • The amount of time that people spend viewing a particular can create a lot of difference in any campaign. The longer the period of exposure, the higher would be the probability of recall. But the problem with most mediums is that either they can be skipped easily like TV commercials or they are placed in locations where viewers are in too much of a rush to view them for a longer period. But when it comes to Railway stations, people here spend a long duration of time waiting for trains in which they are able to observe ads for a longer time giving brands a longer period of exposure allowing them to give a lot more information than they can give through other mediums.
  • Demographic targeting is one of the most reliable ways to separate your target segment from the general populace in order to concentrate on them in a better way. It allows you to direct all your efforts and budget toward your target group. Since most people of the middle- and lower-income groups prefer to travel by train, this medium would be beneficial for any brand that wishes to communicate to this demographic.
  • Railway station branding also gives a variety of options and ad spaces to the brands to advertise on such as advertising at the entrance, advertising near the exit, TV advertising, advertising through railway station jingles, etc.
  • Since people at railway stations are usually traveling long distances from and to various different places, it can help your brand reach out to a geographically diverse audience.
  • With TV, radio, and most other mediums there is a big possibility that the audience might skip, ignore or tune out of the ads as they are seen as interruptions, but railway station ads cannot be skipped or ignored easily. They are easily able to catch the audience’s eye.
  • Affordability is another major and very obvious concern for advertisers while selecting the advertising mediums for their campaign. With numerous people who view ads on Railway Station, the cost per reach is significantly low, making them extremely affordable.
  • The intrusiveness of these ads is another factor that gives them an edge over various other mediums like radio, newspaper, and television. The viewer is not required to explicitly consent to view these ads as in the case of the above mediums, where the viewer can consciously decide to view or not to view the ad.
  • People who travel by train on a routine basis back and forth view these ads multiple times, thus further increasing recall and brand awareness.
  • Railway Stations have served as an n ad space for a good amount of time and are a very well-trusted medium for advertising by brands, thus investing in this medium is a lot less risky than other non-traditional ad formats.
  • With mediums like Television and Radio brands continue to compete with each other to get the prime time ad slot for which they have to pay a very high cost since it has the highest reach, but when it comes to Railway Station advertising, brands do not only get high reach throughout the day, but they also do not have to pay anything extra when the footfall is the highest.

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