Train Information Digital Board (10 liner)
Train Information Digital Board (5 liner)
Plasma TV Screen (88 inch)
32 inch LED T.V. Split Screen (Double Sided)
Train Information Digital Board (10 liner)
Train Information Digital Board (10 liner)
Train Information Digital Board (10 liner)

Train Information Digital Boards at railway stations serve as effective advertising platforms, offering high visibility to a captive audience. They enable real-time updates and targeted messaging, making them valuable tools for branding and promotional campaigns while providing essential travel information.

  • Advertising Mode: - Digital LED Boards
  • Display Size: - 17’x7’ Ft.
  • Time of Display: - 24 hrs. Display
  • No. of Screens - 2
  • Mode of Display - Video
How Train Information Digital Board can help in your Branding?
  • Prime Visibility: Positioned prominently, these boards capture the attention of travelers and commuters, ensuring that advertisements receive maximum exposure.
  • Visual Impact: LED screens are visually striking, immediately drawing attention with their vibrant and high-resolution displays.
  • Dynamic Content: LED screens allow for a wide range of content, from eye-catching visuals and videos to animations and interactive elements. This flexibility enables you to showcase your brand's story and products creatively.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Placed strategically in high-traffic areas, LED screens increase your brand's visibility, making it more likely to be noticed by potential customers.
  • Real-Time Updates: Keep your audience informed and engaged with real-time updates, such as promotions, product launches, or event announcements.
  • Brand Recognition: Consistent exposure to your brand through LED screens can significantly boost brand recognition and recall among potential customers, strengthening brand loyalty.
Where it is available?
  • Kanpur Central Railway Station (CNB), Cantt Side and City Side.
Who Introduced?
  • We are proud to announce that K.P. Infomedia, first time Introduced the LED Screen at Kanpur Central Railway Station.
  • LED Screen is an exclusive media specially design and modified for advertising at a railway stations. It is highly effective way to reach diverse and captive audience. The Railway Station provides a unique opportunity to connect with travelers during the waiting. It is an ideal platform for brand exposure and engagement.

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